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Cafe De Harde Werker

Amersfoort is one of Hollands most picturesque cities which attracts a lot of tourists. Furthermore it’s nationwide location is favorable for offices which attracts a lot of employees. From the trainstation to the town center you cross right through Amersfoort’s dreary business district. It’s a mirthless ten minute walk untill the picturesque center is reached.

As a result both tourists and employees feel detached from Amersfoort. The municipality intends to resolve this problem with a seperate focus between tourists & employees. To attract nationwide attention it had to be sustainable.

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As the employees occupy the place, this is where the solution lies. Through extensive research using social design the answer surfaced: “A café”. A place where employees can meet, relax, take a break and eat.

To meet the desires of the employees as well as the sustainable desires of the municipality, a holistic solution is necesarry. Within the office area some of the biggest businesses of the Netherlands are located. This creates the oppurtunity to meet sustainability and let the employees partake. To pursue this the café will be completely circular. It closes it’s own waste loops and several of the businesses loops. As a result cohesion between the

employees and the café is born. Coffee-ground from coffee machine’s is returnable for discount at the café. The coffee-ground is useful to cultivate culinary mushrooms. The cultivation distracts a bacteria that is favorable
for the growth of coffeeplants. The café returns this bacteria to a coffee-farm. The café gets the beans that eventually become useful coffee ground again. This circular process is constantly renewable, constantly closes
new loops and constantly creates new social cohesion, untill a point where the city of Amersfoort is connected by Cafe de Harde Werker. The employees partake in this conception.

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