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The Chimney

Utrecht; metropolis of the future in 2030 if it ́s up to the media and politics. On every level The city has evolved into the new focal point of the Netherlands. In 1382 Utrecht also became city of the future with the -now still- highest church of the country “de Domtoren”. With a height of 112-meters, de Domtoren is still ‘the’ symbol of Utrecht.

As Utrecht is once more becoming the city of the future, it’s also time for a new symbol, one that grasps even higher. A place where the future meets the people. De Domtoren gave eye to god, this new symbol should give appearance to the future.

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Fortuitously there’s a hidden gem, an edifice that reaches even higher than the Domtoren does. A former chimney located in an enterprise zone close to the city districts. It used to be part of a power station that provided the entire city with electricity, warmth and gas. The power station is still in use, the chimney however, is abandonded due to sustainability of the factory. With its height of 148-meters it’s the highest mark of the city -and therefore usable as the new symbol of Utrecht.

On top of the chimney a new space arises, consisting of an exhibition space and a botanical rooftop garden. The exhibition space can be used to show future plans of the city to the public.


The botanical rooftop garden provides a space to enjoy the view and breathe fresh sustainable air. Alongside it symbolises how far we have come; the chimney used to be a symbol of emission, now it provides clean sustainable air.

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