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P//P Atelier

P / / P Atelier is an atelier & work space used by students who partake lectures in any of the six university location’s. It intends to break the wall between public and private space. The students of the University work behind closed walls of the building, therefore the public outside has no ́casual ́ intention’s to enter the premises.

This creates a noticable border that segregates the private from the public. Nowadays this border exists nationwide. Between public and private ‘in many cases’ there is neutral ground, this is what we call “public domain”. It‘s a zone that is neither private nor public and leaves it’s use open to the imagination. This is where creativity and innovativity can gap the border between private and public space.

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P / / P Atelier is an accomodating space where students have the possibility to play with the public domain. The room is adaptable according to the user’s interpretation. The space is divided into two area’s: a public space ‘that is fully in sight for the public & university’ and a fully private space that lies underground. The two are joined and / or segregated by an elevatable platform. The inspiration came from a particular scene in Spongebob in which the underwaterworld was joined with the human world.

The movable platform creates four possibilities to use the building. Platform down: workspace visible for the public. Platform down: exposition downside, visual for the public. Platform up: exposition / performance visible for public. Platform up: fully private workspace downside. Furthermore it creates the possibility to work in a public workspace and afterwards, expose it fully to the public by pulling the platform -upon which the creation is placed- up. As a result the students can be creative in use of space, which enhances the creativity that is key for arts and crafts.