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The catholic community of The Netherlands is in an abrupt decline. An increasing amount of people abandon their belief. Along with it the churches, that are used to practice catholic believes, are being abandoned. The increase of vacant churches creates a problem for municipalities ´What will we do with all those vacant churches´? Because the vacancy is advancing exponentially the problem demands a holistic solution. However, every proposed solution is shunned by church owners. why? because they rather
see their church demolished than it being repurposed into a non-religious edifice. The result is longterm vacancy that ends in exactly that: the demolition of monumental churches.

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The repurposing can't be unriddled, but the demolition can be prevented, by filling the gap between vacancy and repurposing/demolition. Temporarily adding a function to vacant churches that resides untill a solution arises. This can be done nationwide.

To do exactly this I came up with a solution: glamping in churches. A platform based glamping that delivers a product that fits through the front door and comes out at the same end, leaving the church as it was. More so it gives Church owners around the Netherlands the oppurtunity to showcase their beautiful monumental churches to the public. The product the platform delivers consists out of unilateral two-person cabins with a front porch, sanitary cabins and accoustic elements. the amount depends on the size or request of the specific church in question.

To test the concept and also realise the first glamping experience for myself I decided to execute it in a real vacant church. With an approachable execution and a few friends the glamping was realised in a vacant church in Belgium. This gave insights in the succes of the products and decoration. More so, it provided me with the conclusion that spending 24 hours in a church fills you with appreciation and respect for the monumental edifices that are worth saving.

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