Space VS Cognition

Overstimulation in the workfield; a problem that has become hazardous for our well-being. 17% of the Dutch population has signs of a burn-out. Four years ago this was only 13%! Due to higher pressure and quicker growth in the economy, employees are under abrupt cognitive stress. This process leads to overstimulation and eventually into burn-outs or other illnesses.

The space we work in has a lot of effect on our cognition. A well balanced cognitive state results into healthier employees. Only a holistic cognitive space that triggers all senses ‘in a positive way’ has the ability to offer change. As every sense organ is different, it should be spatially triggered individually. Through extensive theoretical & cognitive research solutions were found to trigger every sense organ positively. All these triggers are merged into one holistic cognitve room. The space is to be used as a flexi-workspace -for one individual- where the cognitive outcome results into contentment & focus.

Middel 10.png
man met geel.png

The design of the space was fully propelled by cognitive research. Soft flooring to reshuffle your mind to focus on your body. Yellow artworks to improve liveliness. An unstable chair to trigger physical focus. This entire space is an amalgamation of cognitivity and design.